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The rising cases of sexual abuses of young girls in Cameroon

Violence, sexual exploitation and all other forms of abuses are one of the fundamental violations of human rights in the world. If nothing is done, young girls could be declared an endangered human group especially in Cameroon.

Extremely serious facts that threaten the future of young people, especially young girls are becoming common place in the Cameroon society. Young girls are exploited for many purposes like commercial purposes, rape, incest, sexual harassment, pedophilia, the enrollment of youths in whatsapp groups or in pornographic images of children and adolescents as the recent video tape flooding the social media for a while. These sexual abuses have been depriving young girls from their dignity are becoming rampant thus exposing the victims to public condemnation. They are committed to the family environment, in schools, private homes, accommodation sites, professional milieus, bar dancing and other open spaces. This rising sexual abuses have been depriving young girls from their dignity and exposing them to public condemnation.

Our investigations made, us to understand that the irresponsibility of some children with the use of social media, the consumption of alcohol, drugs and other psychotropic substances, bad friends are some of the reasons why these children are involve in such immoral ills. Also the unconsciousness of some adults and their accomplices on the vulnerabilities and the weaknesses of these girls who at times are in need of money and not educated on the importance of healthy sexuality, safe dating, intimate relationship skills.

The consequences of these abuses are chronic as psychologists says the victims most often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual health problems, negative health behavior as well as difficulties in reproduction.

sexulRapid solutions need to be taken to remedy to this social scourge.
Social worker says the first solution is denunciation as most of this violence is caused by family members or relatives making denunciation difficult.
Legal procedures in accordance with the criminal code should be taken against these predators with the sanctions that follow.

The Cameroun government should create protective environment by addressing community level risk through environmental approaches, provide opportunities to empower and support girls and women through leadership and economic supports. Promote social norms that protect against violence that is mobilizing men and boys as allies.
Concerning the victims, they have to be supported. Treatment for at-risk children and families to prevent problem behavior including sex offending. Provide treatments provided for victims of sexual violence.

Parents, family heads and communities should exercise more vigilance in raising their children, instilling moral and ethical values in them as well as hard work.
It is important to engage together in this battle for a non-violent and egalitarian society, respectful of human rights.

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