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« CYENYE MKO » Exhibition: A worthy exhibition to the expectations of visitors

The visual arts center Museum of contemporary art Bandjoun Station, once more welcomed the ninth edition of the “CYENYE MKO” exhibition a movement of identity on November 27th 2021.

This  cross-residence program where, artists both national and international met to share their experiences through various mediums and cultures.

Three  Cameroonians artists and two foreigners working in different disciplines, made visitors  question on our material and immaterial identity on the boarders of cultural interbreeding, engraved memories of war, our relationship with poetic and political environment.

Boris Anje: graduate from l’Institut des beaux-arts of Foumban, worked on stenciled series entitled “Passport to a resistant pass”. His work that sounds like praise to black beauty is no less like a snub to a seeming society.

Thierry Fouomene: with his capacity as author-director, offered an analysis on the question of forgetting and engraved memories of war. His greatest wish is to contribute to the development of Cameroon and Africa by a broad sensitization for the cessation of social conflicts, cohesion through production.

Grâce Dorothee: graduate student from l’Institut des beaux-arts de Douala-Nkongsamba, in visual art and the history of art. Her work for the Exhibition was titled “INTERCONNEXION”. A questioning of human being as a “subject” takes on an important role in the artist’s introductory remarYoyo Gauthier: An artist of the world. Born in Niamey, (Niger) encourages public participation and initiates collaboration with other artists.

On program was the welcoming speech of Mr. TOGUOU Barthélemy visual plasticien, UNESCO artist for Peace 2021 – 2023 and promoter of Bandjoun station, an artistic walk, the artistic performance of SANDRA SANDRA And MEINRAD HEBGA.

A worthy exhibition to the expectations of visitors and passionate of contemporary arts like staffs of the French embassy and the French Institute of Cameroon.

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